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Since my recent return to South Africa after two years in the UK, I have observed a great need for motivation, for innovation and a need to pool our resources to make a better life for ourselves and our families… to find ways to overcome apparent obstacles which have presented us with enormous challenges. Yes, no question of it … the ‘recession’ has had an enormous impact not only on us here locally but in the EU as well, as you know. And we can continue to lick our wounds and shut ourselves away, feeling helpless in the ‘light of world-wide economic disaster’ OR we can positively and willingly do something about it … there is always a light at the end of the tunnel …

Take some risks … you might find you can fly!
I met up with a long-term friend/associate in the field of Teaching and Motivation recently and he reminded me of what we all have at our fingertips if only we will be willing to look, and find and plunge into head-long, taking some risks … without risk, there are many things we will simply never know we are capable of! In the words of Apollianaire Guillaume ‘“Come to the edge”, He said. They said, “We are afraid”. “Come to the edge”, He said. They came. He pushed them … and they flew’.

Neil le Roux, who is closely associated with SACEE (The South African Council For English Education), based in East London has long been a speaker I have the greatest admiration for. I think, mainly because of his strong belief that we all CAN … Neil doesn’t give up, even in dire moments in his own life … he has never given up and never believed that there isn’t another way. He has spoken at events I have organised for my corporate clients who have all left the conference room lighter, inspired and with many new ideas. Furthermore, Neil will travel throughout South Africa to give a talk at any event, whether it is a conference or seminar, a cocktail function or dinner. He is light and funny, he is charming and well-informed. He is witty and worldly and has great depths of wisdom.

Some Bio
Neil holds a Master’s Degree from the University of the Free State, and also holds post-graduate qualifications from the Damelin Management School and WITS Business School.

He has wide experience in the private sector, and has served as National Director for the American Field Services Student Exchange Programme in South Africa and was Group Human Resources Manager for Mega Plastics.

Neil has travelled widely throughout South Africa studying the Management Training and Development Techniques and Programmes of many of South Africa’s Blue Chip companies. He has also visited companies in Europe, the UK the USA and the Far East.

Trainer, workshop facilitator and speaker, Neil’s current workshops/talks include:

• The Managers’ Toolbox (Productive Management)
• Thinking Out of the Box
• Enhancing Employee Profitability
• Improving Product and Service Standards
• Attitudes and team-work in the work place
• Team Support
• Motivation
• Team Building
• Teaching effective and efficient creativity

Any profits Neil makes on his engagements goes to SACEE for further English education in South Africa. On any corporate or group bookings (minimum of 14 delegates), for every two confirmed attendees, you will get one participant free. (3 for the price of 2!).

Neil shared with me a line he borrowed from Peter Ellyard (Executive Director of Preferred Futures Australia) “If we do not learn to live in the future today, we are going to have to get used to living in the past tomorrow” …. Food for thought yeah?

Neil le Roux may be contacted by any of the following methods:
e-mail: sacee@telkomsa.net
Mob: +27 (0)834173985
Or via info@venuepages.co.za



When you think of the words ‘Team Building’, what comes up for you? “Oo, I need to be physically fit and strong, young and skinny or perhaps muscular and male … “. Fortunately this is not the case! Phew! That feels more comfortable!

To enquire about Team Building please click here and a consultant will contact you.

Team Building companies have designed their numerous activities taking every body type into account, every age and state of health and will never push you beyond your limits. That isn’t the point of Team Building. While it is meant to be a fun activity, the focus is largely on the Team Spirit, Team Bonding, getting to know one another’s strengths and weaknesses, learning to appreciate and respect one another for our pit-falls and our strengths. It is actually a very enlightening form of psychology if you think about it? Right? And the guys who run these events have studied and researched all this stuff and actually are the ‘fundi’s’ at knowing what event or activity will achieve the desired results…And it’s about what your company or department hopes to achieve from the effects and impact of the team building, emotionally, mentally and to see how resilient, how determined you are as a team, whether you do in fact work as ‘one’ and where there are those of us who prefer to work alone … or to be background support and not necessarily in the front … we are all diverse and unique and each one of us in the team will present in a totally unique way, all combining to build a team. All of this serves the team as a whole as each individual supports in his or her own unique manner to make the team work ‘wholly’. Isn’t this what all companies desire at the end of the day (to cash in on a worn-out cliché!) … I reckon … And quite besides what the company desires …. You as delegates want to have fun!

We, in our company have been very fortunate to have met and got to know the guys at Beach and Bush Adventures, based in KZN who have an enormous variety of activities, purpose designed for your desired outcome. I have noted some of the variations below that they will offer your team and will also suggest venues that are tried and tested and most suitable for these activities, while there are many others throughout the Province that will work just as well. And very important to know is that Sean and his team at Beach and Bush Adventures will take their team virtually anywhere nationally to facilitate your team building. They are not stuck with venues in KZN. Good guys to know!!

Beach and Bush’s ‘Minute 2 Winit’ – Cocktail Challenge team build for the rainy day and is a fantastic alternative to physical team building and a perfect ‘Ice-Breaker’ on the first night away from home.


Participants spend time in groups completing low-impact / mentally challenging tasks in a set time limit as per the popular television show. They then end off by creating unique cocktails which are graded and presented to the group.
The first stage consists of groups competing directly across a series of classic ?Minute 2 Winit! puzzles and tasks. Groups are then scored and access to a wide range of cocktail mixing ingredients, garnishes etc are dependent on the score attained.
Using limited resources, teams must then mix up a storm to create the ultimate cocktail.
Teams present their cocktails to the panel in front of the entire group and our experienced judges sample and rate the creations, often a hilarious undertaking!

All team members then have access to the bar to mix additional cocktails, a great party starter.
At the end each group must present their cocktails and explain them, they are judged and the cocktail champions are announced.


The Amazing Race Team Build : This …Is… Fun!!!

This option is customised according to the area in South Africa where it takes place. Beach and Bush have set up routes throughout South Africa, but are always willing to re-quote and re-plan according to your needs.
The tone of Beach and Bush’s Amazing Race team building activity is action packed, sophisticated, yet fun. Events are chosen based on your desired team building outcome. Challenges such as the ‘art challenge’ are geared to set a more upmarket tone, and events such as the ‘road block’ and ‘giant puzzles’ test your skills whilst keeping the event light-hearted and fun.
Brief overview: Teams meet at the start of the race. They are given instructions on the route and details of the challenges, which can be completed in any order. Teams begin the race, completing ALL the challenges as quickly as possible, acquiring clues after each challenge allowing them to proceed. The objective is simple…. complete all the challenges and be the first team home.
Amazing Race team building activity options include: Kayak Challenge / Croc Farm Challenge / Cocktail Mixing / Casino Challenge / Fishing Challenge / Giant Puzzles / Bungee Jumping / Sangoma Challenge / Art Challenge / Down-Down Challenge / Sushi Challenge / Treasure Hunt / Polaroid Camera Challenge / Road Block Challenge / Climbing Wall Challenge……….. and many more fantastic options.
Available In South Africa and across Africa on request.

What Is Included

• Professional facilitators at each station
• Pre-planning & set up
• Chosen activities
• All equipment and required items
• Access to all relevant properties used in the activities

Durbs By The Sea … The uShaka Challenge

The appeal of the uShaka Challenge Teambuild is that it’s low impact and the focus is on fun while, the challenges are specifically structured to encourage fundamental team building outcomes such as improved communication, cohesion and respect for roles and norms. Ushaka has become a successful team building venue enjoyed by all taking part in this challenge.
Activity Options: you can choose to either do a ‘dry’ or ‘wet’ uShaka Challenge Teambuild, and activity options include the following examples and much more.


• Bribe the Pirate: bribe the pirate on the ship with either coke or rum for the next clue.
• Too Cool for School: wax a surfboard on the beach.
• Polaroid Camera Aquarium: find a clue situated in the aquarium, take a Polaroid picture as proof of finding it to get the next clue.
• Help Bongani Lifesaving Challenge: using a rope and kayaks you’ll have to perform a rescue operation either in the surf or in the canals (physical).
• Wimpy Challenge: have to make something and eat it.


• Lazy River Catch Up Race: find a clue in the river running through the park.
• Snorkel Lagoon Treasure Hunt: find a clue hidden in the lagoon.
• Chicken Run Plunge: go down a 90 degree slide holding an egg without breaking it.
• Kayak Race: racing around buoys on the surf (physical).
The uShaka Challenge Teambuild is a flexible team building event that can be structured to be run either as a race (as in the Amazing Race) or as a more static concept like Fear Factor. With a large group, it is usually recommended that a combination of the 2 be applied. Ie: Each group is given a number of tasks to complete, some of these are time based, whereas with others the goal is simply to finish.


Ponder on this … every single organ in our bodies beats to its own rhythm …synchronising and working in harmony with every other organ. A normal body works in an organised manner, each cell and each organ supporting all the others … Rhythm is in everything that lives … (That wipes out some people’s belief that they have no sense of rhythm! You can’t get off that lightly!)
Drum Africa is a fresh look at interactive drumming sessions, uniquely designed as a teambuild for corporate groups. Let the rhythm of the African Beat surge through your body as you drum away your stress and build your team. No previous musical experience is needed and if you can clap your hands to a beat, you can play a drum and carry a rhythm.
Drum Africa is brought to you by Beach and Bush Adventures, one of South Africa’s top corporate teambuilding and event organising operators.


Beach and Bush’s Drum Africa is an interactive team build designed for groups of 10 – 200 people. It is mobile and can be done anywhere as long as there is sufficient space and seating. Drum Africa is also a great add on to any of the other Beach and Bush teambuilds.

Each drumming session takes around 1 hour but can be customized to fit in with your schedule, the sessions are broken up into 4 parts and as the drummers skills progress, so does the difficulty. Each person is equipped with either a djemba drum, shaker or rhythm sticks. At the direction of our facilitators we start with a simple beat and before you know it you’re making MUSIC!!!
Interactive drumming is a great way to build your team, within minutes we’ll have the group interacting in a unique way, every individual will have there own part to play in ensuring that the show goes on. Participants are quick to learn that individual efforts count for very little and team work is essential. Drum Africa is specifically designed as a teambuilding event and professional facilitators are always on hand to ensure that the session is a success.

Recommended Venues

• The Boathouse – North Coast
• Pumula Beach Hotel – South Coast
• Tala Private Game Reserve – Inland between Hillcrest and PMB
• Mondazur Resort Estate Hotel – Southbroom South Coast
• Palm Dune Beach Lodge – North Coast
• Bonamanzi Game Park
• Fordoun Hotel, Spa and Restaurant – Midlands
• Woodridge Country Estate Hotel and Spa – Midlands
• Granny Mouse, Country House – Midlands
• Drakensberg Sun Lifestyle Resort – Central Berg
• Champagne Sports Resort – Central Berg
• Quantani Resort – Free State
• Alpine Heath Resort – Northern Berg
Article written by Rosalie Howard: The Venue Pages



CONFERENCE SPEAKERS and TEAM BUILDING – And how they synchronise

Team building activity

Team building activity (Photo credit: IITA Image Library)

Without a conference speaker or speakers / facilitators, there is no conference or team building and in conference planning, there is always a theme or a topic which needs to be discussed and valuable information and insights to be passed on to the delegates.

To find a conference speaker, team building company or other related conference supplier please complete the form at the bottom and we will assist you.

Frequently, conferences are linked to performance, team bonding, motivation, productivity, support systems, gaining valuable knowledge and input from personal experiences.  Often however, the key-note speaker might not have anything to do with any of the desired outcome of the conference but is invited to throw in something quite different to refresh and even sometimes to upturn stuck ideas!

There are many talented speakers, motivational or otherwise in South Africa to choose from. There are trainers who run three or four-day workshops working individually yet in a group dealing with self-development and relationship.

Relationship. An interesting word to ponder on for a while.  Have we all considered that we are in fact in relationship with everything on this planet? Whether it be in relationship with a spouse, a sibling, a parent, a pet, a peer, a boss, Mother Earth, wild life, the weather, money, lack of money, feelings, thoughts and well yes ….. absolutely everything in this life is in relationship with everything else.

In this vast field of study there are some awesome workshops available facilitated by some awesome trainers, who are willing to run their workshops from anywhere providing numbers in attendance make it viable for them to travel. Perfect for the corporate group of 20 or more staff members.

Links you might find useful in sourcing the perfect speaker, trainer or coach are: •

  • Life Dynamics (Steven Gullen)
  • True Point (Stephen Norval)
  • Insight Training (Dr. Baruch Banai)
  • Speakers Inc.
  • Guest Speakers
  • Peter Cheales
  • Motivational Speakers South Africa
  • Speakers of Note
  • Patricia Glyn (Eco Adventurer)
  • Marie Grey Speakers
  • The other Michael Jackson.com
  • Conference Speakers International

How are speakers, conferences and Team Building synchronised? Where time permits, an afternoon spent in Team Building is incredibly valuable to organise and get into the appropriate perception, ideas which might still be floating or flying all over the place … those gleaned from a speaker and his or her presentation, those learned from the conference content and those insights delegates have got from their peers, while networking or simply having a social chat while attending a conference. Perhaps many of these people would otherwise never have met.  All this adds value to the conference delegates’ experience.

Team Building is designed to meet many needs and the experts in this field will purpose build an itinerary for an afternoon or morning or evening where your own specifics will be addressed, played out, in a light-hearted manner on the stage of ‘fun’ and activity.  It might be about team support, working as one, it might be about building self belief, or self-respect or being ‘forced’ out of your gold-fish bowl to expand yourself and experience what else is out there.  Or it might be about sharing, about playing as equals on the games field.  And these dedicated team builders, speakers, trainers, facilitators are trained and experienced enough to understand your company’s specific needs. They are good people to know and keep in your address book!

Some I know of: –

  • Beach and Bush Adventures
  • Movers and Shakers
  • Beyond Team Building
  • The Team Building Company
  • The Drum Cafe
  • Life Dynamics
  • True Point
  • Quantum Adventures
  • Downhill Adventures

If any readers have some valid, interesting points to discuss, please make this your platform by leaving a comment below. We welcome your input, your experience, your ideas and creativity and besides, networking is a fantastic means of connection!

Impression written by Rosalie Howard – Venue Pages