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Since my recent return to South Africa after two years in the UK, I have observed a great need for motivation, for innovation and a need to pool our resources to make a better life for ourselves and our families… to find ways to overcome apparent obstacles which have presented us with enormous challenges. Yes, no question of it … the ‘recession’ has had an enormous impact not only on us here locally but in the EU as well, as you know. And we can continue to lick our wounds and shut ourselves away, feeling helpless in the ‘light of world-wide economic disaster’ OR we can positively and willingly do something about it … there is always a light at the end of the tunnel …

Take some risks … you might find you can fly!
I met up with a long-term friend/associate in the field of Teaching and Motivation recently and he reminded me of what we all have at our fingertips if only we will be willing to look, and find and plunge into head-long, taking some risks … without risk, there are many things we will simply never know we are capable of! In the words of Apollianaire Guillaume ‘“Come to the edge”, He said. They said, “We are afraid”. “Come to the edge”, He said. They came. He pushed them … and they flew’.

Neil le Roux, who is closely associated with SACEE (The South African Council For English Education), based in East London has long been a speaker I have the greatest admiration for. I think, mainly because of his strong belief that we all CAN … Neil doesn’t give up, even in dire moments in his own life … he has never given up and never believed that there isn’t another way. He has spoken at events I have organised for my corporate clients who have all left the conference room lighter, inspired and with many new ideas. Furthermore, Neil will travel throughout South Africa to give a talk at any event, whether it is a conference or seminar, a cocktail function or dinner. He is light and funny, he is charming and well-informed. He is witty and worldly and has great depths of wisdom.

Some Bio
Neil holds a Master’s Degree from the University of the Free State, and also holds post-graduate qualifications from the Damelin Management School and WITS Business School.

He has wide experience in the private sector, and has served as National Director for the American Field Services Student Exchange Programme in South Africa and was Group Human Resources Manager for Mega Plastics.

Neil has travelled widely throughout South Africa studying the Management Training and Development Techniques and Programmes of many of South Africa’s Blue Chip companies. He has also visited companies in Europe, the UK the USA and the Far East.

Trainer, workshop facilitator and speaker, Neil’s current workshops/talks include:

• The Managers’ Toolbox (Productive Management)
• Thinking Out of the Box
• Enhancing Employee Profitability
• Improving Product and Service Standards
• Attitudes and team-work in the work place
• Team Support
• Motivation
• Team Building
• Teaching effective and efficient creativity

Any profits Neil makes on his engagements goes to SACEE for further English education in South Africa. On any corporate or group bookings (minimum of 14 delegates), for every two confirmed attendees, you will get one participant free. (3 for the price of 2!).

Neil shared with me a line he borrowed from Peter Ellyard (Executive Director of Preferred Futures Australia) “If we do not learn to live in the future today, we are going to have to get used to living in the past tomorrow” …. Food for thought yeah?

Neil le Roux may be contacted by any of the following methods:
e-mail: sacee@telkomsa.net
Mob: +27 (0)834173985
Or via info@venuepages.co.za