Conference venues Magaliesburg

Hekpoort View

Hekpoort View (Photo credit: Martin_Heigan)

The village of Magaliesburg, lies just below the Southern Range of the Magaliesburg Mountains. The roads and rivers take similar paths, breaking through the steep ridges of the mountains, only to traverse much of the land along the valleys on either side of the two mountain ridges.

The reality of Magaliesburg disaffirms its languid village ambience. Of the many places to visit in the region, there is also a variety of accommodation establishments, peaceful, result-achieving conference venues in abundance and a host of interesting activities available. Whatever your interest, you will find something to delight you as you travel the area and experience the environment.

History of Mankind

The Magaliesberg probably has the most intriguing and longest session of history, as man would have experienced, than anywhere else on earth. This since the discovery of the remains of the earliest species of primitive man known today, in and around the Sterkfontein Caves, 20 minutes drive from Magaliesburg.

The tribes of the descendants of the earliest proto-hominids had free reign in this peaceful valley, they fished in the clear, sparkling streams, and hunted the vast herds of animals that roamed the area, with primitive tools made from stone and later forged from iron. While human life was frequently threatened by the odd wild animal, or early death from injury or disease, man lived in total harmony with nature, which flourished in abundance in the greater Magaliesburg region over the past two million years of mans’ development.

Then, in the mid 1800’s, the great tribes of the north swept through the valley, bringing grief and upheaval to this once idyllic haven. In time, the Tribes moved on, and peace returned, but not for long, as war broke out again, when Mzilikazi’s impis attacked, capturing the women and enslaving the men and young, to be incorporated into their army of warriors.

In the late 1800’s, the “white” tribes from the south arrived, also seeking their piece of this paradise and with guns a blazing, they drove back the local tribes and hunted the game avidly, causing their numbers to dwindle rapidly.

Then in1899, war was declared between the two “White Tribes”, the British and the Boer republics of Transvaal and Orange Free State. Within a year, blood and human lives were lost between these two warring parties, in the Magaliesberg valleys, at Kommando Nek and Nooitgedacht.

In 1902, peace reigned once again in this garden of Eden and humans recaptured the paradise we now know, living peaceful and co-existent with nature, farming the land and together living in a democracy.

Today, Magaliesburg, steeped in interesting history has grown into an area abundant with tourist attractions, with a number and variety of conference venues, and a most sought after conference destination, so very convenient to delegates travelling from Johannesburg, Pretoria, Rustenburg with many team building activities available throughout the area. This is a paradise where every descendent of the earliest species of mankind, is welcome to come back “home”.

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